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Tired of being afraid of the Tax Man? Tired of paying high fees without having the confidence if your taxes were completed accurately which maximized your tax return?

Time to SWITCH!

GTA Taxes will have your taxes ready the same day by a professional CPA CA. We strive to expand your knowledge of your tax return so that you won't be afraid.

A tailored approach will provide an explanation to your personal and corporate tax return so that you know they are done right!

Why Choose Us?

Our company wants to give you peace of mind when it comes to your taxes. We want to pass on our knowledge so that, if you want, you can learn the rules and be more confident in your financial returns filed with a government agency. Our team understands that when you have a question, you want an answer right away and we guarantee you an answer within 12 hours.

After many years working with clients and government agencies, I realized that there is a fear that takes hold of our clients when they get a letter from the tax man. This fear is driven by lack of knowledge about how the government agencies function and what actually went in to their tax returns. We are trying to bridge this gap by effectively communicating and passing on our knowledge to our clients. We have determined that this provides our clients with the confidence needed to drive those fears away. I say, knowledge is power! So, be powerful, switch to GTA Taxes and don't let fear keep you awake at night!

Our Clients Say

GTA Taxes empowered me with the knowledge about my business and the filing I do with CRA. They provided an explanations to the corporate tax returns for my business and now I know that only 50% meals are tax deductible for tax purposes!

Joanna Pinkerton

Ecake Bakery

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